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  • Metaverse: Is This Our Future?

    Metaverse could be the future of mankind

    Since Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta, various parties have been busy talking about a new ecosystem: Metaverse.   But, is the Metaverse really an ecosystem? For now, it seems that there is no definition that can actually describe what Metaverse is. One thing is clear, the technology in it could be the future […]

  • Exploring the Potential of Sports Tourism in Indonesia

    There is no doubt that the natural beauty and landscape in Indonesia is one of the best in the world. Many tourists are willing to spend some money to come here and enjoy its beauty.   However, the ongoing pandemic has made the tourism sector in Indonesia weak. Many tourism actors have to rack their […]

  • What Makes Indonesians Easily Trapped in Illegal Loans?

    Apa yang membuat masyarakat udah terjebak pinjol?

    Pinjol or online illegal loans for some people are a saviour from their condition such as running out of money to fulfill their needs. But, instead of being able to solve the loan, many of them end up trapped, unable to get out of the bondage of loan numbers that can explode anytime.   Several […]

  • The Pandemic Makes People Earn Money from Hobbies

    Cooking turns out to be one of potential additional income

    Doing a hobby on the sidelines of hustle time is an entertainment that can treat the feelings of someone who is stuck at his saturation point. You could say channeling some of your energy into hobbies is an attempt to stay sane.   Especially in a pandemic like this. It has been almost three years, […]

  • Indonesian Youths Dare to Invest High-Risk: Cryptocurrency


    Cryptocurrency is an investment option that is currently being discussed by many people, especially young Indonesians. However, do they really understand this high-risk investment?   As we all know, the typical youth is FOMO. Sometimes, they just follow the trend without knowing how the fundamentals are.   Moreover, the trend of investing in cryptocurrencies, if […]

  • What’s Behind Our National Mother’s Day

    Generally, Mother’s Day is a moment where many people will express their love for a mother and commonly for other women.   Mother’s Day is considered a special day where the sacrifices and struggles of a mother as a parent will be commemorated is a special day.   However, is every December 22 only tied […]

  • Hustle Culture is the Cause of Toxic Productivity?

    hustle culture is the cause of toxic productivity

    As we all know, the COVID-19 Pandemic has made a lot of changes. One of the changes is that working in an office is temporarily suspended, replaced by working from home.   For those who work from home, are required to continue to be productive. In fact, there are so many new challenges when working […]

  • A New Cake to Gain Exposure: Esports Universe

    esports ecosystem is a new cake from business standpoint

    Anyone still remember how parents scolded us when they found out we were playing games for hours?   At that time, playing games was just a relief. Playing games is not made into a repetitive thing such as daily work.   However, this has changed significantly in recent times. Gamers who are entitled as pro […]

  • How Young People Manage Emotions And Feelings During Pandemic

    bagaimana anak muda atur emosi dan perasaan selama pandemi

    This year, the World Economic Forum together with Marsh McLennan, SK Group and Zurich Insurance Group issued The Global Risks Report 2021. This study generally shows the various risks that will be faced if the pandemic does not end.   One of the big risks that will be faced when the pandemic is not over […]

  • The Choice of Investment Types Based on The Youth Persona

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, including the way young people invest. Previously, they were attached on the image of FOMO. In terms of investment, sometimes of them try to invest their money just for trend.   However, the image of FOMO seems to change slowly due to the pandemic. Based on our previous […]