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Indonesia is Confused

Experiencing difficulties because of ignorance and confusion to respond to the initial conditions of the pandemic, Indonesian people experience miss-information. The large number of news topics about COVID-19 made them no longer have time to validate which information was correct and which was not.

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Indonesia Move On

Indonesian are entering a new normal condition, where it is hoped that we can all begin to adapt to the pandemic. However, they are more impatient than other countries, so they live a ‘too normal’ life like before the pandemic. Instead of already understanding how to implement strict health protocols, it turns out that they do not fully understand how to adapt in new normal like this.

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Indonesia Rise

Indonesia is entering the vaccine period. It is a hope for all circles, that vaccines are predicted to be one of the variables to solve this COVID-19 pandemic. However, for the Indonesian, it turns out that they have various responses.

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