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  • 4 Things That Will Change in the Travel Industry After the Pandemic

    So many changes have occurred in various sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, includes on the travel industry. Each people in the travel industry will have to adapt again to all the changes that will occur.   Of course, this will make the Indonesian prepare more effort related to the adaptation. So they will need […]

  • This is How The Youths Manage Finances During Pandemic

    The pandemic period has become an absurd situation for many people. Especially when the government enforces the Emergency PPKM rules, various professions receive the impact. Office employees, UMKM players, and online motorcycle taxi drivers have the same concern: will they still be able to survive?   During this Emergency PPKM period, there were many incidents […]

  • Indonesia Rise: Everybody Wants To Go Back To Normal

    During this pandemic, the Indonesian people underwent various behavioral transformations where all of these changes were packaged into the Indonesian Pandemic Whitepaper trilogy (Indonesia Confused, Indonesia Move On and the last one is Indonesia Rise).   Experiencing difficulties because of ignorance and confusion to respond to the initial conditions of the pandemic, Indonesian people experience […]

  • Pandemic Does Not Eliminate Make Up Habits

    Although covered by a mask, women tend to use lipstick or use lip cream to polish the lips rather than using make up for the eyes. Why is it like that?   This is interesting to know further, therefore we conducted an online survey to the KG Media audience and got 1153 respondents who were […]

  • What Makes Women Buy Skincare Products?

    The perfect facial skin care is the dream of almost all women. Looking healthy, fresh, and beautiful is the goal for them in using various skincare products. And the pandemic is not a big deal for them to continue taking care of their facial skin.   Even they mostly stay at home, in fact women […]

  • Women in Caring Their Bodies in Pandemic

    This pandemic that has not ended has created tremendous pressure for all circles of society. One of the rules for preventing transmission of COVID-19 is to stay at home, as if it is such a boring thing for all of them.   Limited space. This applies to both men and women. Moreover, those who go […]

  • What Time People Are Active in Digital During Ramadan?

    Algorithms are one of the matrices that are discussed a lot by marketers, especially those people who are active in the digital world. Many possibilities can happen on social media. Therefore, knowing the algorithm of each social media platform seems to be a fundamental lesson for them.   In addition to social media, the use […]

  • 3 Fundamental Contents for Mom During Ramadan in Pandemic

    One of the interesting insights in our previous whitepaper entitled Indonesia Confused, where the data states that housewives be the front guard in their families during a period of surviving a pandemic.   This interesting finding is one of the bases for investigating more deeply the role of mothers in pandemic conditions. The result of […]

  • The Concern of Shopping Needs In This Upcoming Ramadan

    The COVID-19 pandemic in the past year has made every moment have a significant difference. Especially during the month of Ramadan, at which time, the majority of Indonesians who are muslim, carry out one of their obligations, fasting. Fasting during a pandemic making some favorites activities during Ramadan cannot be done.   Ngabuburit, Buka Bersama, […]

  • Mudik or Not Mudik

    Visiting your hometown, visiting your parents or relatives in your homeland, are the most interesting part of nostalgia. Mudik is a tradition that can never be separated during Ramadhan and Idul Fitri. Unfortunately, for the past year, this tradition has not been carried out by many people due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Especially for […]