What’s Behind Our National Mother’s Day

Generally, Mother’s Day is a moment where many people will express their love for a mother and commonly for other women.


Mother’s Day is considered a special day where the sacrifices and struggles of a mother as a parent will be commemorated is a special day.


However, is every December 22 only tied to Mother’s Day?


StratX KG Media conducted a study using an online survey and got 317 respondents where is this study there are many interesting things that can be discussed in more detail.


The various insights in this research can be used as a reference for brands to commemorate Mother’s Day differently.


Top of Mind for Mother’s Day


Many respondents agree that Mother’s Day is a day to commemorate the role of a mother and the best way to celebrate this day is to express love to the mother.


The expression of affection that are done are so diverse. Start from freeing the mother from her household ‘duties’, to take her to a beauty place like saloon to get treatment.


In general, many respondents agreed with those common ways to celebrate the moment. However, from the research that conducted by StratX KG Media, there are some different opinions found.


Interesting Findings from the Research


17% of the respondents stated that December 22 was the anniversary of the opening the first women’s congress in Indonesia and the anniversary of the struggle of Indonesian women heroes.


This insight is so interesting that there is an image of a hero that is so attached to women. This can be interpreted that in fact there are still many Indonesian people who do not really understand that December 22 is a commemoration of female heroes in defending the rights of Indonesian women.


Another interesting finding is that the majority of respondents (77%) expressed their enthusiasm to see the overage of the mother figure as a modern hero and the historical documentary showing of Indonesian female heroes.


From this second insight, it can be interpreted that the Indonesian people are actually interested in the history of Indonesian female heroes. However, there is still a possibility only few parties can bring this to the surface.


 Notes for Brands


Based on the various explanations above, there are several things that can be underlined by the brand before determining strategic steps to take part in celebrating this special moment.


  1. The Indonesian people are not fully aware of the struggle of Indonesian female heroes in defending their rights.
  2. Indonesian people are enthusiastic to know and understand how the struggle of Indonesian female heroes.
  3. The majority of Indonesian people only know that December 22 is a celebration to commemorate the struggle of a mother.


From the array of insights that have been mentioned, it is clear that brands can use this to determine how to celebrate Mother’s Day differently.


So, What Brands Can Do?


Instead of rising the theme of love for a mother on December 22, it is quite clear that the heroine theme is an interesting way for the brand to bring it up.


Some interesting topics to be raised are women’s rights and obligations, gender equality, and many other things.


Brands can play the role as a mentor for Indonesian women in achieving their dreams. For this reason, brands can equip Indonesian women with knowledge.


There are various ways of supplying brands that can do. Starting from creating big campaigns including webinars, online seminars, to daily content that voices passion for women.


And of course, there are many more things that brands can do.


After all, talking about the women position is a sexy thing in Indonesia which this country is known as one of the countries with a patriarchal majority. Mother’s Day could be a great moment to start a new way to spread out the new spirit for Indonesian women.