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  • Indonesian Gen Z is Smart for Managing Money: Business and Investment Education Since Early

    Financial management in each individual must be considered carefully. Because if there is no knowledge to manage finances, it is predicted that there will be problems in the future. However, Indonesian Gen Z is considered that they are smart enough to manage their finances.   In the range of 11-20 years, Indonesian Gen Z is […]

  • Household Mother Getting Smarter in Managing Family Finance on Pandemic

    No one knows for sure when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. The economic slowdown, not only makes husbands try to find various ways to survive, but also housewives.   The movement of housewives who took part in finding ways to survive the pandemic is a reflection of their enthusiasm to rise from this condition. They […]

  • Pandemic: Not Just Money, It Takes Knowledge

    The Covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet shown its bright point until now, has made many people in any part of the world, including in Indonesia, only have one choice, which is to survive.   Outbreaks condition like this make things change significantly. Outside activities such as working in an office, opening a business, to […]

  • Indonesian Millennials Are Really Care About Their Environment

    The activeness of Indonesian millennials at their current age, of course, is inseparable from advance technology and internet access that are getting easier to do. Their passion for what they like is quite big that it drives a strong desire to master it. In addition, great curiosity about something is also one of the influences […]

  • Mythbuster: Indonesian Millennials are Different than Global Millennials, They are Calculating the Future

    Millennials are those who rise and develop accompanied by technology that grows so fast. So, it is not surprising that they are often seen in coffee shops for hours while facing their laptop. But it turns out to be a global millennials picture.   But Indonesian millennials are different. They don’t just want to look […]

  • Harbolnas, for the sake of efficiency or existence?

    Still, in the midst of difficult economic situations during the pandemic, and accompanied by other problems that keep on approaching, it turns out that people are running away with shopping as a form of reassurance. People do not prioritize shopping for necessities, rather than for other needs, which are solely done to make themselves get […]

  • Online Shopping, Needs or an Escape?

    As we all know, the pandemic has not been over yet. We still see various problems come and go, such as new positive cases of Covid-19 that continue to increase, the ambiguity of government policies in implementing health protocols, to vaccines that have not been proven to accurately cure the disease. These situations have led […]

  • Readability of Gadget Content KG Media

    Amid the COVID-19 information flow that focused people’s attention to monitor the development of the spread to the effort to protect themselves, it turned out that there was an interesting fact that we found in analyzing the reading activity of KG Media’s audience. News is not always about COVID-19, but other information outside COVID-19 is […]

  • Retailpocalypse: The Rise of New Customers


    Every customer has a different “Persona” especially when they’re shopping. Hence, we interprets this persona into several customer groups when they’re shopping at retail groceries as “The New Customer Behaviour”.

  • Indonesia Urban Healthy Lifestyle Perception in 2019

    Urban Healthy Lifestlye

    Urban healthy lifestyle in Indonesia is showing a slow and steady decrease. What really happened?