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  • Metaverse: Is This Our Future?

    Metaverse could be the future of mankind

    Since Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta, various parties have been busy talking about a new ecosystem: Metaverse.   But, is the Metaverse really an ecosystem? For now, it seems that there is no definition that can actually describe what Metaverse is. One thing is clear, the technology in it could be the future […]

  • Exploring the Potential of Sports Tourism in Indonesia

    There is no doubt that the natural beauty and landscape in Indonesia is one of the best in the world. Many tourists are willing to spend some money to come here and enjoy its beauty.   However, the ongoing pandemic has made the tourism sector in Indonesia weak. Many tourism actors have to rack their […]

  • What Makes Indonesians Easily Trapped in Illegal Loans?

    Apa yang membuat masyarakat udah terjebak pinjol?

    Pinjol or online illegal loans for some people are a saviour from their condition such as running out of money to fulfill their needs. But, instead of being able to solve the loan, many of them end up trapped, unable to get out of the bondage of loan numbers that can explode anytime.   Several […]

  • Sustainability is a Hot Topic for Discussion

    what is green economy?

    In recent years, the keyword Green Economy has often come to the fore and has become one of the most frequently discussed topics by many parties. Especially brands that have communication vehicles wrapped in sustainability.   Following behind the keywords Green Economy, keywords such as climate change, climate crisis and several others have also attracted […]

  • 4 Things That Will Change in the Travel Industry After the Pandemic

    So many changes have occurred in various sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, includes on the travel industry. Each people in the travel industry will have to adapt again to all the changes that will occur.   Of course, this will make the Indonesian prepare more effort related to the adaptation. So they will need […]

  • Mudik or Not Mudik

    Visiting your hometown, visiting your parents or relatives in your homeland, are the most interesting part of nostalgia. Mudik is a tradition that can never be separated during Ramadhan and Idul Fitri. Unfortunately, for the past year, this tradition has not been carried out by many people due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Especially for […]