Breakthrough The Chinese Wall: What is Wrong in The Flop Campaign of a Brand?

Creating a campaign is one approach that brands can take to achieve their goals. The most common goal to achieve is awareness or attention of their target audience.


This approach certainly requires a lot of money. Brands believe that the campaigns they create, of course will have implications for the products or services they offer. But sometimes, the campaigns they create turn out to be flop.


When this happens, of course many of the targets or KPIs of the brand are not achieved in the end. Indeed, a failure is certainly a good lesson. However, brands definitely do not want to fail over and over again at the same thing.


The question that arises when the approach or campaign has not been successful is what are the shortcomings of this campaign so that it flops? The strategy in it, isn’t it precise in determining the target audience, or is there something else?


It is quite fatal when a campaign is not aimed precisely at its target audience. What happened was the that the campaign was just a decoration among those who did not care. This point is also what makes StratX KG Media have a model that can be the solution for brands.


 StratX KG Media STRAND Model


In the Bahasa Indonesia, STRAND has the meaning of strand or chain. This become its own philosophy in linking it with the campaign strategy that will be run by the brand. StratX KG Media has its own strand model.

The STRAND model from StratX KG Media actually stands for a formula that has been formulated by going through various stages of testing and verification so that it can be said that this formula is valid.


  • SEED, to start a campaign, of course there is a special strategy that StratX KG Media can prepare. The strategy is to make a special relationship, at this point it can be said that it is a collaboration with people who have a big influence, to raise the issues that will be raised in the campaign.


  • TREND, then, those who have a big influence on the target audience of a brand, StratX KG Media has a wide community that can raise the issue organically. At this point, of course, the goal is to make the brand campaign a part of the existing trend.


  • AMPLIFY, this part is what no other has. StratX KG Media has a media ecosystem which can be one of the bullets to raise or enlarge the brand’s campaign and make it national attention. When the campaign that is being run can resonate at such a high level, of course the opportunity to get the desired KPI will be even greater.


  • MOVEMENT, when the attention and awareness created by the ecosystem media are in line with the target, then this is the time for brands to easily invite their target audience to take part in the campaign. Once a campaign is at this stage, of course the existing KPIs or goals can easily be achieved.


  • DECLARE, at this last stage, brands can easily see things are running smoothly. Brands can tell if the target audience who has participated in the campaign is providing the desired attention and awareness.


StratX KG Media has important and interesting points that are not necessarily shared by others. It is a large media ecosystem with audience reach in almost all parts of Indonesia.


This STRAND mode can easily help brands get virality so that their KPIs or targets can be reached easily.


Let’s Unlock Growth with Us!


The formula for virality above has of course gone through various stages so that it can be concluded in such a way. One of the testing stages is where one of the big brands in the banking and insurance sector, collaborates with us in a very interesting campaign.



With a hashtag that resonates at the national stage, #BerlipatBerkah is one of the products at Allianz, namely Allianz Syariah, has found such an interesting number. Not only about KPIs or targets, this campaign has even touched the hearts of many people.


To find out more, the evidence can be seen here.


It’s never too late to try. StratX KG Media is ready to help with further discussions to create extraordinary works that are able to leave a good memory on everyone.


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